"Lean and Green"

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In 2011, our company was bestowed the 'Lean and Green' Award. This award was given to us after we submitted our Plan of Action to decrease our CO2 emission by 20% within five years. It means that we focus, among other things, on reducing our empty miles. This reduction in empty miles is reflected in our transport rates. Fewer kilometres means less diesel, which in turn is a savings in costs.

Being more 'conscious' is obviously not only about savings. We are of the opinion that, if everyone contributes to a better environment, everyone stands to benefit.

ISO 9001

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We decided in 2010 to be audited for ISO 9001 certification. To our great satisfaction, we were awarded our ISO certification after an external audit. This certification is awarded when quality policies are in writing and are known to every staff member. We will continue to ensure that our customer satisfaction levels rise by meeting statutory and other requirements that apply to the service that our organisation offers. In other words, our quality management must be safeguarded and it goes without saying that this is our main objective.


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All our transportation is properly covered by our insurer Howden.